Best Computer Security Practices


Although we have recommended good banking and security practices in the information above, security of your identity and details also depends on how robust your computer hardware and software security measures are.

Follow these simple tips to ensure you are never left in the lurch because of a faulty computer or outdated software.

  • Always install the latest Operating System patches and service packs.


  • Always keep your anti-virus software up-to-date. Some recommended software are:
    • McAfee
    • Symantec Norton Antivirus
    • Sophos
    • TrendMicro


  • Use personal firewall software on your PC. A personal firewall is a software application used to protect a single Internet-connected computer from intruders.


The common commercial personal firewall software options are:

  • Zone Alarm Internet Security
  • Symantec – Norton Internet Security
  • McAfee Internet Security


  • Use Anti-Spyware software. The following are examples that detect and eliminate spyware from your PC.
  • Lavasoft’s Ad-aware
  • PepiMK’sSpybot Search and Destroy.