Mohammad Shawar

Chief Executive Officer

Master Degree – Business Administration- Birziet University


Zaid Jerab

Chief Technology and Operations Officer

Bachelors of Commerce, Majoring in Finance & Economics - McGill University


Mohammad Salman

Financial Affairs Division Head

Master Degree- Accounting- Jordanian University   


Sameh Abdallah

Consumer Banking Division  Head 

Bachelor’s Degree – Business & finance - Al-Quds Open University


Fadi Keswani

Internal Audit Division Head

Bachelor’s Degree-Business Administration  - Mu’ta University


Mohammad Harfosh

Acting Division Head - Business Banking and Financial Institutions 


Mahmoud Odeh

Central Operations Division Head

Bachelor’s Degree – Business Administration- Birziet University


Albeir Habash

Credit Division Head

Bachelor’s Degree – Business Administration- Birziet University


Alaa Titi

Information Technology Head

Bachelor’s Degree - Computer Systems Engineering-AL QUDS University


Rami Hussein

Acting Division Head - Human Resource Division