Business Banking at Quds Bank is your premier partner for business. It’s the key provider of banking services inside / outside Palestine through employing highly trained and experienced banking Relationship Managers.

With Quds Bank long standing commitment to the economy, wide network of branches, and relationship experience, Business Banking can offer financing solutions to suit wide variety of business needs across the economic spectrum.

Business Banking at Quds Bank has dedicated managers that will meet with you, discuss your institutional needs and then build a business relationship, offering comprehensive services and products designed to meet your business requirements, individually conceived and professionally realized.

Quds Bank Business Banking spectrum of products and services range from traditional corporate banking services to structured trade finance solutions.


We have made large-scale efforts

to Provide Quds Bank A’amal’s services in a fast-developing environment characterized by distinction and uniqueness, through offering a wide range of specialized financial and banking services, which help make your business and projects successful in their different phases, starting from financial planning, to cash and liquidity management, and ending with maximizing efficiency and profits, through dedicated, specialized centers that extend all over Palestine for servicing this vital sector.

Our comprehensive banking solutions

 Are designed mainly to help you obtain the appropriate products under the supervision of a team of highly skilled, experienced persons, to be by your side for achieving your professional vision, in a way which ensures accommodating all activities related to these businesses and projects as quickly and accurately as possible.