WESTERN UNION Transfer System

For small amounts that do not exceed $5000 or its equivalent in other currencies. With WESTERN UNION customers may transfer money to any country around the world rapidly and easily. This system gives customers the option to transfer money to sons and family around the world in order to cover travel, education, holidays and different occasion’s expenses.

With WESTERN UNION, money delivery and receiving processes immediately performs once the transfer transaction completed.


Western Union Sub-agents



Al-Hirbawi Exchange Company


Halhul Money Exchange


Al-Majd Money Exchange


AL-Mizerawi Money Exchange

Ramallah + Almazraa + Betien

AlRayyan Exchange


Ein Yabrud Money Exchange

Ramallah / Ein Yabrud

Zayedcom Exchange Company


Alamaneh Exchange Company

Ramallah + deir debwan

Abu Sharia Alhasayna for Exchange and Money Transfer


Eyad Alagha Exchange Company


Sameer Herzallah Exchange

Gaza + Nusirat

Sameer Abu Jazar & Partner Exchange


Atieh Harb Exchange Company


Saad Albarasy International Exchange Co


Al-Karama Money Exchange


Al Moatasem Exchange


Kukaly Exchanger

Beit Sahour /  Bethlehem

Al-Woroud Exchange


Al-Wifaq Exchange

Hebron / saeer

Abu Assi Exchange


Abu Fkhaidah Exchange

Ramallah + Nieleen

Abu Adam Alsilwadi Exchange

Ramallah + Silwad

Al-Rafdeen Exchange

Anabta / Tulkarem

Al-Aqsa Shawar Exchange


Al-Malak Exchange


Al-Taqwa Exchange

Sinjel / Ramallah

Moradco Money Exchange Company




SWIFT Electronic Transfer System

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is a global central system for money transfers between banks electronically by adopting International Standards through a specified code. Also, SWIFT enables customer to transfer money amounts from the account to any local bank, or foreign bank in any country around the world, given that it shall reach the account of the beneficiary within 24 hours maximum in ordinary situation.

In order to benefit from SWIFT transfers the following information and conditions must be provided

Information of the transferring person / institution
  • Name of transferor.
  • Transferor’s branch – Quds bank.
  • Address of transferring bank.
  • The amount and currency to be transferred.
  • SWIFT ALDNPS22 code of the transferring bank.
  • Transferor’s account number – Quds Bank account.
  • Transferor’s ID / Passport / Registration number.
  • Transferor’s address.
  • Purpose of transfer.
Information of the beneficiary person / institution
  • Beneficiary’s name.
  • Beneficiary’s account number.
  • Beneficiary’s address.
  • SWIFT code of the beneficiary’s bank.
  • Name of beneficiary’s bank.
  • IBAN (if any).


Network of correspondents includes number of banks in several countries such as, Jordan, Turkey, United States, Israel, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Bahrain, where they are distributed as follows:

  • Bank Of New York - USA
  • UBI Banca - Italy  
  • Housing Bank for Trade and Finance - Jordan
  • Israel Discount Bank - Israel 
  • Arab Bank – Switzerland
  • BMCE – Spain
  • Aktif Bank - Turkey