We provide you with a wide range of products and advisory services aiming to protect your banking transactions against exchange rate fluctuation risks, under the management of a group of specialized persons, having extensive experience supported by knowledge and education. They are able to provide advice concerning any of these products available in both local and world markets.


Special Services for Foreign Currencies:


Foreign Currencies:

  • Providing (spot and forward) sell and buy rates of foreign currencies in a very competitive rates until international markets are closed.
  • Covering your banking needs in any main currency  traded on any place all over the world.
  • Providing cash in main currencies: USD, JD, ILS, and Euro
  • Providing specialized advice related to foreign exchange 24 hours/day.
  • The possibility of trading in precious metals (gold, silver,…etc.).
  • Providing cash market services, such as swap transactions for clients.
  • Providing hedging services against  Exchange Rate fluctuation; e.g. forward sale and purchase of currencies, for protecting cash flows from Exchange Rate Fluctuation.


Investment- Related Services:

  • Providing competitive  interest rates on deposits.
  • Providing technical advice for helping you make investment decisions.


Treasury and Currency Trading services provided by "Quds Bank A’amal" is the destination of your investments and profits